A very orange-oyable weekend

Wow, this week has gone by so fast. I almost forgot to post today, but fear not, I am here to talk about some softball.

This past weekend I was able to go over to Syracuse University to watch the Orange take on the #1 ranked Florida State Seminoles. I went over for the weekend and spent Saturday night with my grandparents.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to the game with my aunt and uncle. My uncle’s niece plays for the Orange so we ended up seeing a lot of their family there. Since they aren’t really my family, I very rarely get to see them so it was very fun to catch up.


Here we are after the first game of the weekend. It was very cold so we couldn’t feel our hands or feet. 

While Syracuse didn’t come out with the win in this game, I got to see my friend from high school pitch for the Orange. I even got to see her get her first career strikeout. After the game was over, we went to the mall and the Cheesecake Factory. That was the first time any of us had been and I loved it.


We had great seats for the game.

Then on Sunday, we got up and went to the second game of the doubleheader that day. The game was fantastic. It was back and forth the entire time, with Syracuse holding the lead late in the game. But a home run in one of the last innings allowed FSU to come from behind and win.


After the game on Sunday. It was a lot warmer this day.

Overall, I had a great time. It was nice to see a couple great games. It was even better because I was able to hang out with my family. But this was only the beginning of my crazy week.

Until next time,






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