Fun in the sun

Well, this week was quite the adventure. On Monday, my dad and I arrived in Sarasota, Florida to spend the week with my aunt and grandmother. During our time in Florida, we were able to attend three spring training baseball games.

On Wednesday, we went to our first game of the week. We saw the Pittsburgh Pirates play the Baltimore Orioles in Bradenton, Florida. It was a very exciting game that ended with a 6-5 win for the Pirates. As Pirates fans, my dad and I were very happy. Our seats were on the first base side, almost all the way down to the outfield wall. Because of this, we were right in foul ball territory. A man a few rows in front of us caught a ball that was coming in very fast. He ended up having to be checked out by the medical staff which was scary, but I think he was alright. I’m sure that hurt the next day.

Thursday was our long day. My dad and I got up early and hit the road right away. We drove three hours across the state to Palm Beach on the east coast of Florida. Driving through central Florida was very interesting. There isn’t a lot to the area, just cattle ranches, orange farms, and lots of churches.

Once we got to Palm Beach, we headed straight to the stadium because it was almost game time. The stadium where the Washington Nationals play is brand new and looks like a mini Nats Park. Since the park is brand new, everything was very clean and nice looking. Our seats were once again on the first base line, but this time we were even closer to the field. We were so close to the right fielders the whole time, you could hear them talking to the bullpen right behind them. Bryce Harper, who is my favorite player on the Nationals, was so close to us and he hit his home run right down the line in front of seats. Talk about a cool experience.

thursdsay game.JPGMy favorite part of this whole experience was getting to watch the bullpen throw and having the Racing Presidents run right past us. Bill 27 won the race, but I think he cheated. In the end, the Nationals beat the New York Mets and Gio Gonzalez threw five no-hit innings for a great performance.

presidents race

To wrap up our trip, my dad, aunt, and I went to one more Pirates vs. Orioles game at Lecom Park in Bradenton. This time the Orioles won 8-5, which made my aunt happy. Before the game, I stood down by the Pirates dugout hoping to get a few autographs. While I didn’t get any from the players, the Pirates manager Clint Hurdle signed my hat.


We could not have asked for better weather for the week. It is incredible to see how cold people in Florida think it is when it is 60 degrees out. My dad and I were walking around all week in shorts and t-shirts while there were people out in jackets and long pants!

friday game1

I could not have asked for a better trip. It is always a good time when I get to hang out with my dad and watch sports. Sorry for not getting this update out earlier, the internet where we were staying was not working last night.

Anyone watching March Madness? How are your brackets doing? Mine are doing fairly well, at least for now.

Until next time,



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