West Coast Adventures

This week is spring break for all the students here at The College at Brockport. I knew I did not want to hang out in the cold weather of upstate New York for another minute. So for the first weekend of break, my mom, dad, sister, and I traveled out to Los Angles, California to hang out, go to the beach, and watch a few sporting events.

On Saturday morning, we went to Manhattan Beach for breakfast. We ate breakfast at a little place called Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. Once we were finished, it was off to the beach. While we were over there, we came across a women’s college beach volleyball tournament that included UCLA, FSU, and LSU.

My sister and I on Manhattan Beach.

The next day, we traveled over to UCLA for the women’s soccer team’s spring match vs. Santa Clara. It was really cool because it was the first time Jessie Fleming of Canada’s women’s national team and Mal Pugh of the United States’s played together.


The field where the match between Santa Clara and UCLA was played.


UCLA is a beautiful campus. The architecture on the campus is unlike anything I have ever seen. It was also cool to be on the campus where so many amazing athletes had attended school.

That evening, we hit the road and traveled east to Anaheim, California for the Washington Capitals vs. Anaheim Ducks game. Our seats for the game were in the upper deck of the arena, but we were able to go down to the glass for warmups.

The game was not very exciting as the Caps lost 5-2. As soon as the game was over, it was back to Los Angles to catch out flight back out east. While my mom and sister had to head back to Virginia for school, my dad and I flew to Sarasota, Florida to begin the second half of our spring break trip. That’s all from me for right now. I’ll update you guys on my adventures in Sarasota very soon.


Until next time,





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